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Well, My Sweet family completes with total 6 members including Dad & Mom.At this Moment three new members joined us & they are My husband (Babu) , My sister's Daughter (Aarzoo) and  My sister's Husband (Lek Ghale)

My Dad ( Guman Sing Gurung)

Truth is very bitter for us though we have to face it . My Dad is no more with us but his love and care still remains in our hearts . He left us on June 24 2005 . Now also I feel he is with us giving us blessings and lots of love . We really miss u dad and I wish
to be ur daughter in my next lifes also.

My Mom ( Lon Maya Gurung)

My mom is a super mom . She is a very sweet ,nice & hard working person sometimes she irritats too . Whenever she starts her lecture it won't stop untill 2- 3 hrs , Though she shouts at us n says do this n that still i love her , Wheneva she went nepal 4 visiting I really missed her bla bla hehe.

Elder Daughter of my Family (Savitri Gurung)

Her nick name is Savi . Whenever me n my sis meet we fool eachother by making jokes . Most of the time we comminate with eachother in bhai log language like "aaaa aapun pakka shada hu kya aapun ko salute karne ka KYA " & many more lolxx .We love laughin' and eatin' hehe . Recently she gave birth to a new baby named Aarzoo . She was born on 24 june 06 .Aarzoo is soooooo chweet she is like a princess for us . Her sweet & new habits keeps the family happy n smiley .May god bless her family 4ever & ever.
Middle Daughter of my family (Sunita Gurung)
Dat's me :) I'm creative, hard working & Married. Know
Younger Daughter of my Family (Pooja Gurung)
Pooja is very sensitive , Talented AND Beautiful Girl. Her nick is Pooh & she loves barbie doll, watching movies & reading books. She is mom's best daughter hehe .Since nursery she was very intelligent & now also she is da same in her studies & 1 thing more she dances very well ..Lob u ma lil sis :)
Son of my Family (Bikram Gurung)
Meet my 1 n 1ly bro Bikku . When he was little he was soo cute and alway wants him to called as Bikku babu hehe Everyone loves him alot and he is very funny . He loves mom so much n do care boutcha her . Now he is grown up , seems handsome & smart like cool boys . I luv u my lil bro.
Check out some pic(s) of My Family & Relatives:
Me & My Sister Pooh
Pooh and Mom
Brothers & Sisters On Rakhi
Sisters Power (On Tihar)