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In this Portion I will add my msgs and feelings to
my sweet loving babu .I love you and miss u a lot

Happy birthday sweetheart dt 10/3/2007

Happy B'day Sweetheart

Many Many happy returns of the day ... May your all wishes come true and your desires fulfill .... May god bless you happiness & joyous time forever .....Now you are 22 congratulation for being one year older hehe joking .... Have a great time dear and pls do cut this above cake its for you from me hehe ...Love you a lot and missing you so much ... Live long life ...Always smile for me ...

Muahhzz & Hugs for you on your b'day Your sanu manche ^-^

Creative Msg posted on 2/3/2007

I made this for my Babu on Valenntine's Day 2007 while i was missing him .I love you babu. Yours Syanu manche ........

Very recent pictures of my sweet Babu posted on 25/2/2007

Happy Valentine's Day Babu  dt 14/2/2007
In this special occasion of love i would like to wish you a very happy Valentine's Day . May our togetherness remains forever after the infinity also ....You know that I complete with you and this day sparkles when you are near with me ... At this moment Iam really feeling down & sad without you . i wish it never comes without you , if you are near then every single day of life is like a valentine's day ....
You know that i luv u a lot & it can't be defined in words though i wanna say :
I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ...I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ...I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ...I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ...I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ...I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ...I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... I love u ... n iam missing you so much wish i could fly over u , hug you tight and never let you go far from me ...have a great time baby ...pie pie and muahh mukhai bhari :P:P

Your ever loving syanu

You are my world posted on 6/2/2007
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You are my world and my life without you iam nothing so i want you to be my side as always . Sweetheart thanks for those wonderful & precious moments which we shared together and now Iam looking forward for more lovely days to be capture in our hearts forever. My life completes and ends with you coz its the same for you also. I love u so much dear .. My love for you is till the infinity so in neeed don't forget to remember me I will be there always for you ..Muahhh mero babu :) 

I need you Dt 30/1/2007
My Prayers starts with you
My life brights with you

My smiles shines when you are near
My tears drops when you are not dere

My happiness starts with your love n care
So always be with me till next 100000000000000000000000000000 years

I love you babu and miss u a lots

Truely yours syanu

I Love you - Jan 17/1/2007
Sky may fall and stars may too but in the end I will still love you
sweetheart . I wish all my happiness be yours and all yours sarrows
be mine thats all what I want for you ....Missing you mero lallu
babu muahhh yours syanu

Proud to be your wife babu - Jan. 08, 2007
Thanks a lots for everything sweetheart...Things you did means a lot
for me , Its shows how much you love me... so words are not required
to say that you love me & thanks for the barta hehe it sounds funny though
 I felt proud of you...I love you baby ...You n me forever & ever

All yours syanu
To My Forever Love Babu - Jan. 01, 2007

There is no word To express how much I love you and do care bout you ... I hardly find some words to express my love for you then also i feel its not enough ....You are my forever love .. So wat if we are not close in real but in my dreams Iam always with you sometimes fighting , sometimes teasing eachother & always loving eachother ...I know god is great and Iam sure he had made some special plans for our togetherness in future.... Iam eagerly waiting for that precious moment... Wish It will come soon very soon ...

I will love you more today than I did yesterday and I'll Love you
more tomorrow than I do today,

With all my heart & soul Iam truely yours ...

Love u always & foreva urs Syanu
~~ Farness ~~ - Dec. 12, 2006
Farness does matters
Farness makes me lonely
Farness Keeps me waiting
Farness gives me tears

Its true that farness doen't matters
in relation of love and togetherness
But it always gives those pain which
is unseen by eachother.

When I miss u No one is there to hug me
When I need you No one is there like you
I want you , I need you , This farness is
really painful & thats true...

In between so many people why ma eyes
are looking for you coz you are missing
In happiness also why Iam not happy coz
U r missing , Coz u are not dere with me.

Please god return our days back ...

Missing u baby
Yours Syanu

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